3 Easy Home Remedies To Help You With Diabetes.

I Hope You Feel Great and Energetic Everyday While Getting Rid of Diabetes!

Follow These Simple Remedies And Have Fun

1.Get Sweat Right After You Wake Up.

You can feel the result right away if you follow this first guild.

It’s NOT a normal Exercise. It’s SUPER EASY to do, but Super Effective. Because it sets you right up and help strengthen your heard. So Be DETERMINED And Get Ready:

  1. 1.Right After You Open Your Eyes, still laying on bed, breathe in very deeply and hold your breath for 3 seconds, then slowly breathe out. Do it 3 times.
  2. Right after that, you can do 10 sit up right on your bed, if you can do it more, that’s great.
  3. then GET OUT of the bed, Stretching your neck for 20 seconds. Do it Slowly and feel every muscles on your neck.
  4. Last Step, Doing Squats. Do as many Squats as you can.( in the beginning I could only do 9, now I can do it up to 60). After that, you can stand there and breathe deep and slowly.
  5. Now you can do your bed and go wash your face… and Get Ready for Your Great Day.

You WANT To and you HAVE To follow this Every Morning, because it Fully Wake You Up. It boosts your Positive Energy Higher, Make Your Heard Stronger and clean the Liver( help detox toxic and cholesterol in blood). Especially, You will Feel Positive and Energetic throughout the day.

2. Eat More Okra, Tomato, And Drink Water.

> Okra is a Master of purify blood sugar and balance cholesterol level. Having it like snack, mix it with your favorite salad, or You can do it like the way I did, and I found it very effective:

  1. Cut Okra into small pieces, then boil it with water.( 10-12 okras for 1 gallon of water)
  2. when the water is boiled. turn off and separate water and okras.
  3. okra can be served with soy-sauce. The water you can put in the refrigerator and drink for 1day.

>Tomato is also a Champion for dealing with diabetes.However, it is only effective when it’s uncooked. Therefore, you can get the Cherry Tomato, Grape Tomato from any local markets, Those Tomatoes can be used like a snack, or you can blend it with Strawberry to serve as a drink.

I personally love the grilled or smoked tomatoes. But for my research, it is more harmful than healthy, so I would NOT recommend it.Anyway, just consume it uncooked. Peace!

3. Find Some Quality Time For Yourself.

Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors

Science found that stressful lifestyles lead people to diabetes more than eating bad foods. So, try to find yourself some quality time to relax and enjoy:

  1. Bring some friend or family to lunch or dinner and have fun while having meals, telling them about something you really enjoy and ask them theirs.
  2. Go out when you have day off or vacations. Take someone with you to the beach or hiking trails, doing some activities together, build friendship and burn some extra calories…
  3. Do Not watch TV, read a book instead while having a cup of your favorite tea. Spend time talking with who you love and tell them how do you care for them( Trust me, It sounds weird but you with be surprised of the results.)
  4. find a new good activity to learn and make some new friend at the new place. New habit like Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Acting or Dancing… For me, I go to the Gym and have some new friends who motivate me to work out more and keep track with my diet.

How To Treat Diabetes More Effectively, And Enjoyable

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Long Bui here… and I hope all The Best will come to you Soon.

Thanks you so much for visiting my site!